Dr. Scott Roberts' Testimonials

My satisfaction with Dr. Roberts is a 10 plus. Dr. Roberts is very professional. He gave me life back after 3 years of bad care. I cannot speak more highly of any doctor I know than Dr. Roberts. Great team. I rely on him and his team to always be professional. It’s one of those times when you do not mind going to the doctor’s.

- C.F.

Dr. Roberts is amazing. He always knows what to do and when to do it. Dr. Roberts has provided lasting pain relief. I would recommend Dr. Roberts to my family and friends.

- L.H.

Fantastic doctor! Dr. Roberts is a very caring person. He takes the time to explain everything he is going to do and does it in a way that I understand. Knows exactly needs to be done and takes the time to explain why he is going to do.

- M.A.

My satisfaction with Dr. Roberts and his team is very good. Dr. Roberts provided pain relief. Dr. Roberts is a wonderful doctor at a great practice. I am very happy with my results.

- H.H.

Dr. Roberts is very kind. He looks at what needs to be done and explains it in detail. Great team. Always very caring.

- D.C.

Overall I am very satisfied with the practice. Dr. Roberts is a 10. Injections take away pain. Great tableside manner. Dr. Roberts takes interest in me as a patient. High marks for practice.

- C.M.

Excellent experience every time. Dr. Roberts is very good. I am totally satisfied with Dr. Roberts, his team and the practice. Dr. Roberts has a very good bedside manner. Dr. Roberts is kind; attentive and knowledgeable.

- H.B.

I have been treating with Dr. Roberts for nearly 15 years and highly recommend him and his staff who are not only highly skilled but very companionate and truly care about their patients. Dr. Roberts takes time to go over all test results and compare them to previous ones and will not order additional testing unless there has been significant change in your condition. Overall satisfaction is a 10. Wonderful doctor. Would not consider going anywhere else.

- P.M.

My pain was terrible for me down my leg. I went to physical therapy which helped but did not help greatly. This injection was wonderful. I cannot be happier about this injection. I feel like maybe on day I could actually be pain-free.

- T.B.

The injection reduced my pain from 10 to 0, allowing me to workout, sit and walk without pain.

- K.A.

I came to Dr. Roberts for a second opinion, as I had not previously found pain relief through other treatments and treating physicians. I was very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Roberts and the staff at Christiana Spine Center. I had one injection and immediately had pain relief. I could not be more pleased with my experience, and I could not ask for better care.

- J.W.