Dr. Frank B. Sarlo Testimonials

Good Morning Doctor Sarlo:

There was a time when my cursive writing was easy to read, that is no longer the case, please accept this created on the computer.

My visit with you gives me some hope that the practice of Medicine may find a way to survive as most wish it was and perhaps still can be.

Your ability and desire to inform your patient about what you are about to do and quietly with assurance walk them through the procedure is a gift for your patient.

My negative result from your careful testing removes the possibility of nerve damage and allows for you to hand me off to someone else who you feel may have the Correct answer to the problem at hand and I am grateful that you were able to do that promptly. I was surprised to find your office staff on the computer working out a time for me to see the next Doctor and hopefully get a diagnosis to allow for pain to be treated and doing the things I love to return to my daily agenda.

Thank you for your care and kindness.